We Help Families Save ON - and not just FOR - College Costs

Are you concerned about the outrageously high costs of college?

College education is very expensive these days – and prices for tuition and living expenses are only getting higher.

We will help you create a comprehensive college financial plan that focuses on how to save for college with tax-advantage opportunities like 529 education savings plans, but also by focusing on designing a budget that utilizes savings and loans, as well as various cost-reduction strategies to reduce your out-of-pocket college costs - all without compromising your retirement savings goals.


Before you begin, we'll need some detailed information. You may want to reference your most recent tax returns and financial documents for the most accurate results.

Here’s How It Works And What You’ll Receive

  1. Click on the "College Planning Data Form" button down below to complete the fact finder.

  2. Each of the questions has an impact on the amount you’ll be expected to pay for college as well as the opportunities that may exist for you to reduce your out-of-pocket college costs.

  3. Submit the fact finder. Your customized college planning intelligence report will arrive within seconds.

  4. Use the actionable information in your customized report to make well-informed college planning and funding decisions.

  5. I will reach out to you within 7-10 days to see if you found the report helpful. Contact us at (614) 450-2929, send us a message, or schedule a complimentary planning consultation.

Learn how we can help you achieve a great future for you children AND your finances!



Already Graduated from College?

Congratulations! Do you have Student Loans?

Would you like to reduce your monthly payments and payoff your loans faster?

We can help you navigate the confusing landscape of student loans by discussing your personal student loan options:

  • Compare various payment plans

  • Loan forgiveness programs

  • Consolidation

  • Refinance analysis